Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear Fellow Human Being

Dear Colleague of the Human Race:

Oh how I long for you to know the friendship of Jesus, the realiziation of His hope, the experience of His power, the thrills of His intimacy, and the unbelievable manifestation of His redemption to your heart, mind and life.

Even if I had a billion dollares, the best I could give you would be the witness of and intercession for your personal relationship with Jesus. Oh how I long for you to pursue Him, to listen, obey and know Him. I long for your eyes to experience tears, your ear to catch His whisper, your heart to beat faster with His nearness and your whole being tingle: not for the momentary thrill of the experience but for the eternal thrill of the relationship of Jesus Christ in you.

Oh how I yearn to know Him more. May we start the next phase with a question: Who do You want to be to me, Father? And as we listen for the answer, may we never be the same.

A Fellow Pilgrim Who's being carried by the Creator of Our Story,
Amy Hawkins