Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From The Window of Seat 13A

Flying 36,000 feet above ground is quite the experience. Perhaps everyone should try it. In a way it provides perspective and triggers awe. Holy awe. Awesome awe in the God who created these rippling white clouds, poignant blue sky, roaring and effective airplane, pilots with such skill to learn the tricks of the trade. I am captured by  the idea that God who is bigger than this scene out my window is passionate and excited about little me. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg of this necessary reminder that I grasp. God. Adores. Me. I take up about so many pounds and 5’7” of space. Yet it’s surrender and adoring devotion of my soul, my heart, my mind, my strength that He desires. He isn’t your “normal” ruler. The kings of old, i.e. Napoleon Bonaparte were aggressive in growing their empires, power, territory and influence. Leaders like Napoleon forced it on their fellow men and women even if it was not their place to do so, via law of man or heart of God. 

But God Who hangs out 36 K feet above ground, walks amongst the clouds, also oversees the work of the diligent army of ants, the budding trees, the transformation of seasons – and me.

Happenings in my world – our world – seem so consequential and some of them gravely are just that. But looking at the world from this standpoint I’m reminded, our battles for campaigns, the passage of laws, or whether I buy a certain pair of shoes or not, is only a small piece in the expanse of history. And nothing, absolutely nothing, is too big for God.