Sunday, January 29, 2012

Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson... & hopefully me

Being a type-A, eldest child, I have struggled with perfectionism which often leads to humanism. But I am blessed to have been raised in a home that recognized, taught and honored grace, providing the perfect balance to a recipe I am still trying to master.

 Because of my foundation in "law with grace" spirit, I question messages that tell us to fight harder, run faster, do more, do more, do more. Our Christian culture often operates that the more we try, the better we will be for God, when all God really wants of us is our friendship and out of our love to then obey in action. But listening to this message shows me there is a certain struggle/fight we are supposed to yearn for.

Mr. David Wilkerson's message shared below calls me.

It grabs my spirit and beckons me to walk a higher road. Anguish. We must hurt more ... and recognize what we see in the natural is not always God's best for us. We must yearn, cry out for, seek God's heart which upon reaching IS uncomfortable, can result in a struggle, and is something we shy away from in our human nature and performance.

But we must let Him break us. Break us completely. We must yearn for the uncomfortable and know that the only good things we can produce are done with the Holy Spirit.

 Treat this as a call to prayer and quiet time tonight. Before you turn out the lights, hit play. Quiet your heart with the Father. And let Him show US once again what is really important in our life. This type A girl is far from ever being perfect but I long to know the heart and anguish of the Father.