Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shooting in Flint School Bus

Did you see this article? A 17 year old is in critical condition from, yes, a shooting on a school bus, in Flint Michigan.

Do not turn to government to solve this problem. Pray! Look to the Church and the Community to help prevent these scenarios in the future. Pray for our Police, School bus drivers, and this generation!

Our perspective on the value of Life impacts EVERYTHING we do; our efforts today should be for the preservation of, dignity of, and value of life from conception to grave, including those in a school bus. Our generation has lost too many already.

As one young adult blogger put it so well yesterday, in a post on an issue totally un related to this news but applicable just the same: (Regarding the issue of the value of life and the Presidential race) "Do I sound like a single issues voter? Probably. But this issue [abortion] has affected my generation severely. Those were my friends and classmates that were slaughtered on the altar of convenience. I will not compromise on this issue. Not now. Not ever."

The attempted and successful slaughter of our generation must stop. Now.

May God provide profound healing for this 17 year old man. And may the heavens ring forth with God's hope, promise and restoration for lives and communities that need it.