Monday, October 17, 2011

I Declare this GOOD Week

My boss has made this point regarding the political arena many times: we are in angst because of what we see taking place in government but we have no comprehension of what has been avoided. It's easy for us to criticize those in office but do we thank them for what they have protected us from?

As a conservative people who naturally refer to big government as no good, it's easy for us to see a mistake by our leaders at every turn. We "assume" evil deals are taking place behind closed doors constantly. We expect decisions out of the legislative chambers will 9 times out of 10 be less than ideal. We eagerly beat up on our elected officers before we eagerly say thanks first. And we disregard the need for and appreciation of  diplomacy, instead attributing the small amount of give and take, necessary to for a productive and realistic agreement, as the forbidden compromise.

I do not condone corruption, evil manipulation or selfish ambitions when one serves in the political arena. But I do think it's beyond time that we challenge ourselves to say thank you more often. We must realize the truth: that not all elected leaders have evil and selfish ambitions and many of them are working hard to make sure they are doing the job you sent them to do in a way that honors God, the Constitution and us as citizens. I think it's appropriate for us to have a bit more confidence in those who serve us in office when they are people we elected, because of their character, principles and viewpoints.

What ideas have come to their desks that were immediately rejected because they knew it compromised the constitution? What conversations did they have with key decision makers attempting them to see the truth on your behalf? What rallies for freedom did they attend that the news did not report? What policy votes have they stood with tenacity on because it was just wrong? What issues regarding morality and founding principles for freedom did they defend - at the stake of their own reputation - that the talking heads did not flaunt?

I am realizing more and more than the mass media - even conservative news sources - are not sufficient for me to rely on when seeking truth.

We need to be responsible citizens, working to elect people of virtue and integrity into office; we need to be always dutiful to monitor voting records, pay attention to accomplishments, and go out of our way to get to know these leaders and hold them accountable.

But, there is more happening in Washington DC and Lansing Michigan and every other state capitol city than meets the eye. Yes, there is corruption. But there is corruption in any industry, even in our own hearts, because we are all sinful beings before God. For us to expect anything less than corruption might be a little un-realistic. But in the world where corruption abides in many places there are even more corners were goodness abounds.

Start scouring other news sources and find out what leaders are speaking out, standing up, and sticking out like a sore thumb, not because they want the glory or create a news headline but because they are doing the right thing before God and man simply because it's good and true and right. 

So I dub this week GOOD week. Start looking for - and asking God to show you - things that reflect goodness. We are a society with many responsibilities of great heaviness, but we are also a society that God is working in at every turn. Be encouraged my friends. Whether foxnews, detroit news, cnn, msnbc, drudgereport, bbc etc says it or not, goodness is happening among our elected leaders. Be sure and thank them for it.