Friday, September 30, 2011

The Duped Generation

Dear Generation,

We've been duped. 

We've been lied to, pigeon holed, misled, coddled, and deceived. 

Our eyes have been covered, our ears have become tone deaf, and our laziness justified. We've allowed ourselves to be limited, used and cornered. 

Accurate history of America's founding and greatness has been hidden and re-framed; facts have been morphed to support a hidden agenda; our idealism has been capitalized on for destruction. 

Our sinful nature has been applauded and aided. Our human-ness has been utilized for a purpose. Our innocence has been mis-used.

Youth ambition has been channeled for liberal revolution. Unbeknownst to us we've served as a tool and wrecking ball for the demolition of our nations foundations and security of freedom. Self glorification and comfort has become our goal. 

We've mocked wisdom, under utilized our access to truth, mimicked lies dressed as reality, justified our wrong doing and re-defined almost everything God has already defined, with boundaries for our benefit. 

My peers, please awaken. Our country needs us. It is time we arise as a generation of truth. We must ask questions and think with critical and objective reasoning. It's a must that we return to the moral rights and wrongs God has already written on our hearts. We must awaken. 

Please understand the enemy of freedom wants us to stay in darkness. He knows full well that once a small crack of light is exposed, the darkness will be displaced, the shadows understood and we will awaken with a righteous roar, as we experience the revelation of the truth. 

Let deception lie behind us, humility be our cloak, redemption be our journey and truth be our ambition. All is not lost as of yet. But we must awaken soon before we cross the point of no return.

We must - and by faith we will! - change our identity from The Duped Generation to The Generation that Embraces its Divine Destiny. Let the journey begin!!!