Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Dozen More Lost Today...

We lost a dozen more of our military today in a vehicle explosion in Afghanistan.

I'd like to get furious at the enemies who took them out; I'd like to be with all of their families and somehow make things better; I'd like to rail against anyone that sees defending of our freedom as unworthy; I'd like to scream at anyone in any form of government that holds back on giving these men and women and their comrades and their families all that they observe; I'd like to shake and set right the mindset of those who thought this plan was good; and I'd like to grieve with all grateful Americans at the loss of their life. 

With their passing I am resolved once more to grit my teeth and work hard to do my part to preserve America's freedom. Watch out world. I want greater conviction to pray more for our defenders of freedom, be it at home in our communities or abroad. I want to obtain a richer understanding of what I have that they are so valiantly defending. And I want to work to honor their sacrifice. 

I'm so sorry for their passing ... and so grateful for their service. "God please take care of their families today and please be their Defender today. Those they have left behind will need You now more than ever."

"And God open our eyes in America to know and understand that freedom is not free." 

Rest well fellow soldier. We grieve for you today. You've passed the baton to us now and with God's help, we'll carry on to make sure your blood was not shed in vain.