Sunday, July 3, 2011

Selling a House

A good friend just mailed me a few magazines, dating back to a few months ago. In the first magazine I picked up, the first article I meandered through - may be the main reason she sent them to me, unbeknown st to her but for a Higher Design.

The article (which I am trying to locate online, but having trouble doing so) titled “Economic, social conservatives continue uneasy alliance” was adapted from a speech Robert W. Patterson gave at a Family Research Council forum. The tag-line describes the message’s main point: “America’s cultural, ethical and religious foundation has been deteriorating in lockstep with our retreat from marriage and family.”

Now to expand upon it further.

Mr. Patterson writes a wonderful article, with context, data and heart. I was especially captivated by the clarity of this truth (rephrased in my own words): The massive conservative gatherings of the tea party patriots, the new momentum in conservative organizations and the growing voices of today’s governmental leaders are talking about one thing with great intensity but bypassing the most important. Conservative economics is the talk of the hour. But moral principles are dismissed as having nothing to do with our survival as a free country with a thriving economy and a healthy people.

But why don’t we? Why don’t we review the cause and effect? If you chip away at the foundation of a house long enough and you one day see the house collapse, does it surprise you? With it’s destruction, it no longer matters that new windows were just put in, or a new paint job in the living room was recently accomplished, or new shingles on the north side of the house in addition to the new expansive deck. None of that matters to the potential buyer if the house isn’t even standing!! It is impossible to have a wretched foundation that is continually being eroded with a heavy sledge hammer and - have a perfect and sustainable home.

A crumbled house is caused by an absent foundation.

Do we really need to ponder the true correlation of these items? Sad, but I think we must. This is an issue that is on my heart; this article was the confirmation of a correlation and it’s a nudge to me to start addressing this issue more.

I am tired of living in a society that is crumbling, with a people who are trying to grasp onto every last good beam, without addressing what is staring them in the face. If we do not address our own individual units of “government”, our own small “businesses”, our own health body, soul mind and spirit and we ignore integrity in “partnerships”, our own “customer care” of those we’re responsible for - meaning ourselves, our marriages and our children - how are we expected to ensure the rest of the climate is cleaned up and built solid again?

How are we to expect a society to produce good results when all the standards for good have been ignored and muddied? Without faith in God and adherence to his righteous morals, our country cannot - and will not - stand.

American hero, Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964) Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the Pacific during WWII said the following:
“History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline.”

We need to stop chipping away at the foundation and start examining our own hearts on how to make it strong again.