Monday, July 4, 2011

What We Say & Live

We say – “we give up” yet we hold on.
We say – “we’re all yours” yet we only share a piece.
We say – “we will follow” yet we sit in comfort.
We say – “You are worthy” yet we forget to share the glory.
We say – “We love you” yet we don’t live it.
We say – “We worship” yet we don’t bow down and surrender.
We say – “Make me like You” yet we don’t change paths.
We say – “We want to know you more” yet our time cards read differently.
We say all this and yet we wonder . . .

Where God is?
Why He doesn’t answer?
Why life is lacking adventure?
We wonder why others sense Him and we don’t.
Why the Bible demonstrates a different God than the One we’re dealing with today.
We wonder why He doesn’t bless –
We wonder why we get no farther each Sunday than singing the same lyrics as the week before
We wonder why we still worry –
Why we still fret –
Why our problems still exist –

Only when we live what we speak and follow through on our vows will we truly know God for Who He Is.