Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Political Leaders: Do Not Fundamentally Transform a Nation Because of a Generation Who Has Yet to Know Who We Are.

How to engage the young people is a byline political, and cultural leaders pose for discussion. Yes, it's true that they are (we are!) an important market. So if they want to reach us, they need to figure us out.

I'm a political nut and my head is reeling from all the Presidential Candidates to date. In fact, I think it's a bit ridiculous (and I'm fine with options and choices in this matter) to have this many people.

The questions that will be ASSUMED upon the Millennials the pollsters CHOOSE to poll will pertain to jobs, college debts, homosexual "marriage", the economy- oh and don't forget choice. The all significant choice for women on whether they can have an abortion (never mind that many of the Millennials are MISSING from the cultural discussion BECAUSE they have been aborted. They could have made all the difference in our economy but wait, I digress).

Ask anyone in their 60's or 80's if they knew themselves in their teens, 20's or even 30's. Few people I would guess were settled in their own identity, their own grounded philosophy or even career and family structure when they were the Millennials' ages (approximately between 1980 and 1991).

So, why is it that the mainstream media, and other influential voices are looking to young adults NOW as to their opinions on matters and letting that DRIVE the discussions? Why are they letting young adults create a narrative?

Let's not forget the Middle Age market, and the Senior Citizens of our nation. There is way too much worship of youth in this culture but that's for another post.

Our - the Millennials - participation is very vital, wanted, and we bring some great points to the table. However, the theme of a nation on important policy topics should not be driven by those who are - overall - still unsure of themselves, let alone the identity of a nation.

Presidential Candidates, and political operatives: As you rush to cater to us so that you can catch our vote, consider this: Millennials will respect you more when you stand for something - even if we do not agree - that we would for you changing with the wind, especially for our account. 

Give us WISDOM from the ages, not political correct speak. We are still discovering ourselves. Respect us - but do not transform a nation because of a generation who does not yet know who we really are.