Friday, July 17, 2015

An Irrational Dream Regarding Millennials and the Culture

Standing in a dimly lit room for a long period of time, our "awareness - o - meter" is not spiked when the room grows gradually darker.

To expect a generation to be rattled by a moral decline, an oversized government that continues to grow, or the impact that broken social values have on our economic and cultural structure - is a dream. An irrational assumption, and a fairy tale dream.

However when a small light appears on the scene of the described dark room, while we may not immediately sense the need to pivot to it, we may eventually notice it. Our intrigue will grow as the light increases in size and quantity. The greater the presence of light, the darkness runs into the shadows. Once we see the authentic truth of the light, and its fruit that bears resemblance to no other, its appeal will woo us and we will recognize we're ready to move on from the dullness of the night. Realization will strike us that "our room" is dark and ill-fitting to our intricately woven purpose sown into our dna that we crave to pursue. We will respond.

In translation from analogy to reality - the room is our culture and "we" are the Millennial Generation (young adults between the ages of 24 - 35).

If you as the Presidential Candidates of 2016, community leaders, concerned parents, corporation CEOs, or anyone in between - want to convince us our nation is headed down the wrong path, you need to show us a light to walk towards. Convince us by your personal and genuine display that the world we currently reside in is pitiful compared to what we as Americans, and children of God are meant to - and can - embrace.
  • Get your finances in order before pointing fingers at us and our irresponsibility.
  • Decrease your dependence on government before telling us we lack responsibility and need more independence.
  • Get your relationships right among friends, morally, sexually, and among a fellowship of community before telling us we should not be isolationists.
  • Live out your patriotism, and American dream. Show us your story of why America matters to you.
  • Respect authorities and the rule of law if you want us to appreciate and do the same.
  • You want us to have a grasp on history, and a vision for the future? Do you?
  • And are your words proceeded by actions? 
Do not leave us alone to abide in our growing abyss of destructive darkness. But instead live out an example - shine a light by your own life.

The purpose OF this post is not to extend guilt or condemnation, but to offer a perspective. Your heart grieves at the apathy of Millennials and our perceived lack of patriotism and engagement. Recognize that we do not appreciate the full depth of a danger we are in because we have grown up in a "gradually increasing dark world" for most of our lives. It is what we know.

But YOU ... you have the ability to draw us to a better way. Start the redemption process of America story - with you. By your living example, you can remind us of the foundations, stoke our passion, demonstrate we have hope to move towards, and illuminate how the "wrong way" things are being done now provide a dismal future.

Standing in a fully lit room, we'll see the truth and in turn we will cause the beacon on the hill to shine bright once again.

- ajh