Saturday, July 11, 2015

God's Favorite Sign

Anyone else "collecting rainbows"? I keep seeing rainbows in the heavens!!!!
I know we have a lot of rain however I love it that it's God's sign of faithfulness and they are being displayed NOW in this interesting hour of history.
To those in our culture who have claimed it as their brand ... EMBRACE IT. Because each time you change your profile picture or wave your flag, you are reminding the world that GOD IS FAITHFUL. And it seems He really REALLY wants YOU to know it too. Don't you think it's interesting that of ALL THE EMBLEMS you could have chosen you chose A RARE EXAMPLE IN HISTORY THAT God specifically said THIS IS A SIGN FOR FOREVER of one of MY CHARACTERISTICS?!
He could have told us the rainbow reminds us of His anger, or that sin doesn't win, or anything ... but HE CHOSE to remind us FOR FOREVER (and ever and ever) of HIS FAITHFULNESS. HE WILL NOT ABANDON US, OR HIS PROMISES OF GOODNESS to us.
God has great dreams for you ... He is faithful to YOU. He will NOT walk away from His promises.
GOD IS GOOD. And His rainbow is beautiful. But more so the God it represents behind it. So keep waving it in our faces. There is a remnant that is rejoicing. We can see beyond your political aggressiveness ... God is going to do great things in the "rainbow community." You will be KNOWN as a community that learned of God's faithfulness ...
God's sweet blessings of revelation to you beloved rainbow community. God's awesome things are to come for you!