Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Improvement Among Republican Party Should be Applauded

According to this article, THE GOP IS DOING BETTER! Maybe we should all take time to THANK the men and women who have been working so hard to improve it.

Are any of us perfect? NO. Either engage or stop complaining. 

And let me tell you: "conflict" is NOT BAD. We are not a one world order in the GOP. Different IDEAS from different people SHARPEN us. We grow! We think! We challenge! We learn! I don't want to be part of a party that everyone thinks the same way. We are a party all about FREEDOM, Dignity of LIFE that values all life, and limited government BECAUSE WE WANT EVERYONE TO Thrive on the VALUES AND PRINCIPLES that make America great.

Sample from the article: 
"At the state level, the GOP's share of governorships is the ninth-highest since Reconstruction, and the third-highest in the post-war era (1996 and 1998 were higher). The party's showing in state legislatures is the highest since 1920, the ninth-highest ever, and the third-highest since the end of Reconstruction."

So here's my thanks to Reince Priebus, Chris McNulty, Bobby Schostak,Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chad Connelly, Saulius Saul Anuzis, Betsy DeVos, Dick DeVos, and SO MANY OTHERS for your great work in the Republican party. America is on its way to thriving again.

With love to those who disagree, 

Rant over. For now. 

- ajh