Friday, April 3, 2015

Thanks for the Memories, Citizens for Traditional Values

The passion for my country, absolute truth, and an eagerness to stand for what is right and good has only grown since I started with Citizens for Traditional Values over a decade ago.
The avenues for which I could educate and equip citizens, and advocate for values that hold with fundamental principles of Judeo Christian values – has been breath-taking.
The lessons I have learned through the CTV leadership of acting in a pro-active way, going about the political arena with a heart for service, extending dignity and respect regardless of whether you agree or not; to see through the eyes of redemption and forgiveness; to be patient with others who are at a different chapter in their journey; to understand we only see in part and often do not know all of the story; to put things in perspective knowing that in-spite of the success or failure of efforts we must work to win the war, and not just the battle. These lessons have been invaluable both on the political, and personal development level.
I leave CTV with a heart dedicated to carry this vision of preserving, defending, and promoting traditional family values and motivating Christians to engage, to other corners of the world. The Michigan political arena has and always will be my family. To those whom I have grown to call dear friends I am only a text, email, or phone call away. I eagerly anticipate discovering new ways to connect you - my friends - to different endeavors and people across the nation and world – both for political and Heavenly Kingdom purposes. Please stay in touch.
Thank you to CTV leadership, James Muffett, and all those along the way who have challenged me to grow, helped shape my love of this arena, and extended friendship to me. I am richer for the experience of knowing you.
Onward and upward to loving God, serving people, and helping save my nation.