Thursday, December 20, 2012

UC BERKELEY: Mobile Reporting Guide

Americans for Prosperity had a conference out in Nevada a few months ago. The goal? Being citizen reporters and better understanding how to take advantage of the social media and internet world to appropriately convey and communicate our message.

Andrew Breitbart (deceased in 2012) was a citizen report in the highest form. He was committed to the truth and not afraid to track it down or expose the lies for what they were. AFP has highlighted the importance of his role in our culture. And, my guess is he really did pave the way for us.

You and I have seen how and felt that the mainstream media does not tell us - always - the "Real" truth.  The reports at times seem to be slanted a certain direction so frame a certain narrative. Perhaps the agenda of the narrative-teller was accomplished but we end up mis-led. What really happened in Behngazi? Why are there really protests going on at Walmart stores? What is the conversation at the tea party gatherings (you know, the ones where the media reports 1,000 people attended but really it had a few more zeros on the end, aka 1 million)? How are people behaving at Right to Work rallys? I'll stop. I'm sure you get the point.

We have, sadly, become a "consumer" generation and culture. If CNN says it, Millennials believe it. If Fox-news says it, Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation are ready to take it to the bank. If MTV promotes it, teenagers think it must be ideal.

We must bypass the middle man. If you want to know the real story, why not tell it yourself? If you want to know the Mayor's position on an issue and you're friends with him and with his permission he does not mind you recording a statement - why not?

So, I've just come across this "Mobile Guide" by UC Berkleley School of Journalism. If you are interested in being a Citizen Reporter, I'd encourage you to roll up your sleeves and give it a try. I'm hoping this resource might help!

Perhaps even conservatives have been relying on government forms, entities and others too much ourselves. If you are concerned you're not getting the whole truth - become a citizen report and go report it yourself!

Happy learning!