Monday, November 12, 2012

The Election is Over...

The election is over. In between gasping for breath as we try to survive the sucker-punch to our stomach, our minds are slowly transitioning to the question of, "So, now what?"

The positive thing is that we're all in the same boat.

The negative thing is that we have to ask the question with such a heavy heart and sore belly.

But the positive thing (see two positives outweigh the negative!) is that our hearts are still beating, we live in America and God has the best ideas for freedom.

Truth be told, even if Mr. Romney had won the Presidency we should be asking ourselves the same questions. But if we're honest with ourselves our pace to find the answers would be much slower. We might get around to it 6-8 months before the 2014 election. But, thanks to President Obama's recent re-election, we have to start taking deep breaths, and getting back in the game very quickly.

Everyone deserves a free and prosperous people. Including Mr. Obama.

So here's to being good losers, good Americans and  responsible Christian citizens. Don't lose heart my friends. The game is just beginning!!!

- ajh