Monday, November 12, 2012

Regulations? How many???

Have you checked out how many regulations go into effect every day?!

Well the Government is hoping you don't know and don't look either.

Evidently there is this fancy-dancy site " - Your voice in Federal Decision-Making" that is to serve us as a resource.

It's a great help (sarcasm) if no one knows about it. But hey - at least they are trying transparency.

Also, betcha didn't know what regulate means: reg·u·late transitive verb \ˈre-gyə-ˌlāt also ˈrā-\
a : to govern or direct according to rule b (1) : to bring under the control of law or constituted authority
(2): to make regulations for or concerning

So in layman terms (which is how I like things explained to me) - Obama and his posse are creating more and more regulations which give them the ability to put you and me more and more under government control. Great.

If you happen to be someone that voted for Obama and you think this is a good idea, I wonder if you were the teenager that liked your parents to give you more and more rules and guidelines when you were growing up?

And if you aren't motivated yet to get 
involved to make government smaller - now is your chance.