Saturday, October 27, 2012

No More Excuses. I'm not going to vote for Judges...

No More Excuses. Too often citizens - like me!! - don't know how to vote on the Judges. Michigan has over 600 judges. But this time around, there are NO EXCUSES for not voting on the Supreme Court candidates.

1 in 3 people skip the non-partisan portion of the ballot/where the Justices are mentioned. This time it's EASY on voting for Michigan Supreme Court candidates.

Watch this short (around 3 min) video explaining why it is important. See this link for endorsements of the candidates (both Republican and Democrat nominees).

Three positions on the Supreme Court are up this time. And it's important to note the supreme court leaders in Michigan are the FINAL say on our state constitution. If you care about the constitution this better be important to you and your network. 

Here's insight as to why the courts really matter...

Video a part of the project done by Citizens for Traditional Values

Justice in the Balance -- Full Length from Citizens for Traditional Values on Vimeo.