Friday, October 26, 2012

New Video: Obama Motivating Women based on Sex

Have you watched this video yet? It's an actress that ties together "losing their virginity" and voting for the first time. And surprise, surprise (sarcasm) - this disgusts me.

I'm perplexed why women think President Obama, the liberals and the Democrats are for women so much - not based on our intelligence but based on how easy we can obtain "sexual pleasures" and live selfish lives. Since when did a President become a sex consultant? Am I living in twilight years?

I'll save you my pontification on why this is so wrong. But listen to it for yourself. If it doesn't bother you, look within and ask why? Because it should. And if it bothers you, you don't need my words to expound upon it. After you listen to the message (I haven't even watched it! Hearing it is enough, you'll want to expound upon it yourself.