Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Words are Backwards

"But I didn't actually mean what I said!!!"

Not only have I heard this general phrase too often, I am sure I've voiced it myself one too many times.

The general category of "words" has fascinated me for a long time. Things like what a name really means, that God created the world with words, that the root of their meaning has substance greater than our own perception, and that our words cause life and they cause death are examples of what has captured my attention. The coining of words is like art; their relationship like a dance; their rhythm like a bubbling brook. The author can pen them how they please, create images and understandings in powerful ways, and potentially influence with lasting impact.

Words are meant to mean something. The art of language was not designed  by God to be used to blaspheme His name, to curse one another with slander, complaints or disdain. They were designed to deliver truth.

But what happens if these tools have been completely morphed from their original intent and design? If they have little value among us anymore, can we fully appreciate and utilize them for the use they are meant to provide us in our own journey? If their poignancy is irrelevant both from our lips and to our ears, why do we even bother seeking wisdom, asking questions, or listening or speaking at all? If the thing you ask for means something only when you want it to do so, is it really operating in its intended use?

There are people in the world, even outside of our own American culture, who say what they mean and mean what they say. But if in our own personal lives, the value of words has been so diluted, how are we to be properly aware of the intention of these voices of danger?

My hope is that my words will be honoring to The Creator of The Word. If we are going to have the full quality of life God intended for us, and part of that includes appreciating His tool by valuing it appropriately, we must change our standards.

And please, fellow Americans, wake up. Pay attention to the words that are being used with the hope of destroying us before it's too late. May we utilize words intentionally and awaken to the intentional meanings from others. May we not be like the people laced through history who  had they only spoken up, had they only listened, had they only heeded the warning their destiny would have been a different story.

And may our words count for more than an depiction of debase humanity but instead, may they accurately reflect a honest, trustworthy, truth-loving and very good God.