Sunday, May 27, 2012

Absolutely Not

Absolutely not ... is any form of abortion okay for any certain reason.

Absolutely not... is extramarital affairs justified.

Absolutely not... is dishonesty acceptable, regardless of its size.

Absolutely not... is impurity satisfactory before a Pure and Holy God.

Absolutely not ... is everything permissable and beneficial.

Absolutely not ... is faithfulness impossible.

Absolutely not... is government worthy of entry into every part of our lives.

Absolutely not... shall we take the shed blood of others for granted as we throw away our freedom.

Absolutely not... will we be a people enjoying God's blessings if we misuse and blashpheme His name.

Absolutely not ... does our own happiness qualify for higher importance than anything else it affects.

Absolutely not... is our complaining and whining defend-able due to someone else's action (or lack thereof).

Absolutely not... is it okay for parents to fill the role primarily as friends and not principals in children's lives who train, discipline, mentor and love.

Absolutely not ... is it okay for us to deflect our individual responsibilities on someone else.

Absolutely not ... is it okay to disregard the consequences when contemplating a serious decision. And absolutely not is it okay to assume our decisions and actions do not affect others.

Absolutely not... is stealing acceptable because we are "worthy" in our own minds.

Absolutely not ... is truth relative.

Absolutely not... is it okay for instructors, professors and teachers to take advantage of their profession and not teach students how to be objective thinkers.

Absolutely not... shall we expect the blessings of Providence, Divine wisdom and help by His hand if we continue to mock, ignore and shun His guidelines.

We can do better than this, America. The journey to excellence as a nation and as individuals is not easy. But the place of true freedom, happiness and blessing starts with absolutes, absolutely defined by an un-compromising, forgiving and very good God.