Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Amy's News to Know (3.21.12)

Hope you find this information helpful. Always ask the question, as you listen to the mainstream media, what am I not being told? 

Defining Bravery in North Korea: Children are escaping North Korea, hiding, losing limbs. They want something better. Learn about ministries helping those in trouble. (And how very blessed we are to be free men and women. Ahhh, but the question is, for how much longer... )

Teachers Can't Have Sex with their students 18 and younger? What was this MI State Senator thinking with this new proposed law? (Sarcasm and gasp!) THANK YOU, State Senator Roger Kahn (from Saginaw area) for making immorality painful.

Herman Miller business feeling angst?Their business has taken a hit.  Hmmm... any correlation to what I shared yesterday that they are a big supporter of the gay and lesbian lifestyle? Just saying it's something to consider. Our choices and where we draw our line DO have consequences. And, based on our choices, not always in our favor.

Michigan's American Indians supporting same-sex marriage? According to this article, evidently one of Michigan's American Indian tribes is taking the plunge and stamping its blessing to this lifestyle.
"We have our own constitution, our own court system, and our own government here, police force, etc, DNR, so it's our right to express equality," former Odawa Chairman Ken Harrington told UpNorthLive. "In my mind, we're all equal in our creator's eye."

The Petoskey News-Review reports that, even though same-sex marriage is not legal in Michigan, "the tribe could allow such partnerships because of its status as a sovereign nation

Keep an eye on this - and pray for the Indian leaders!!

Michigan lawmaker suggests extra scrutiny on Iranian businesses in state: THANK YOU, Rep Knollenberg. You are my hero of the day!!! He is proposing legislation that will draw extra scrutiny to Iranian related businesses that want to put money into our state. He "gets" the danger with aligning with this country.

Suggested Resource: This is an email list you need to join. You will appreciate this Tea Party Patriots email. There is helpful information, events to consider etc. Here is one of their latest. 

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