Thursday, March 22, 2012

Amy's Items to Know (3.22.12)

A few prayer and conversation worthy items ... 

KILL ONE LIFE TO SAVE ANOTHER? And we laud this as development in the world of science?? I would rather use the word barbaric. Tell me what you think though.

Post-Abortion Baby Parts Now a Booming Business

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR THIS END OF LIFE CONFERENCE CALL - FLINT, MI: In case you're interested ... you might like to listen in on this teleconference call on April 24. This is a good time to make this point: we must know what the other side is doing, saying, teaching, pleading, planning and - well, you get my drift. Make sure you are tracking what is happening in your own local communities. Are there agendas afoot on the city council, in the teacher unions, on the road commission to do anything that goes against our core-principles as Americans, and as people committed to following God?

If you feel so led, this really could be a good call to listen in on. The beginning of life and the end of life, and all the days in between matter oh so much. Now we just need to ensure those that are making these decisions agree with us - and God! - on the dignity of life at all stages!

HIGHLIGHTING A HERO: Enter New York Congressman and Homeland Security Committee Chair Peter King. He has been raising awareness to Americans for months that there is danger afoot when it comes to Hezbollah and radical Islam. Word to the wise: PAY ATTENTION. Or don't blame him later when you find out he was right. This is a man with a backbone. And oh how America and America's families need more of them.

SUGGESTED RESOURCE FOR TODAY IS STAKELBECK ON TERROR! Please Meet Erick Stakelbeck! He offers a dynamic news program with CBN on radical Islam. Why should it be on your top 10 credible sources to pay attention to? Because the subject matter threatens  our freedom and safety as a people, a nation and the family of Almighty God. Pay attention - and pass it on.