Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Amy's Items to Know from Today's News

The goal of this piece is to provide you with news, from a couple days span, items you might not hear on the mainstream news but are important. Some might be encouraging, a call to action or a teaser to lead you to something I'd encourage you to study more. I encourage discussion on these items, and also sharing them on your page. The commentary listed below does not represent any organization but simply my own. Thanks for reading! ajh

ITEMS TO KNOW (3/13-3/14/12)
90 Young Adults Stoned to Death: Don't take the phrase "stoned to death" lightly. Ever watched the Stoning of Soraya M? I went with a military friend of mine and it definitely left a stamp. It's gruesome, I had to walk away from the screen for a bit, but for MANY PEOPLE it's reality. Imagine hating your sibling so much that you dug a hole, buried them up to their waist and then joined some friends as you started throwing stones. At them. The purpose? To kill. So when we hear in the news this week (oh wait. Did you not hear about it?? You mean the regular news was NOT reporting?? Huh, who would have thought!!) - that 90 YOUNG MEN were STONED TO DEATH because... wait for it... a HAIR STYLE.

Why does this concern us in America? Two reasons a) This is brutality reality that is happening in the world destroying human dignity and b) it's because of sharia law and there are people in America that want to bring that rule of law here. Think I'm joking? I'm not.

State Department: Is the Vatican laundering Money? The President's State Department doesn't like the Vatican. Check out this report that was put together. Pray for our Catholic friends and all others practicing religion - not more than ever. I'd like to take THIS moment to honor my Catholic friends (three of my dearest and best friends!): If it wasn't for you and your faith, and your church carrying out God's guidelines and values into society, America might have been gone a long time ago. Thank you. I stand with them... the President is going way too far. Again.

Muskegon Schools Discussing Sex Edu Curriculum: Oh boy. Here we go again. Another school board talking about sex. Parents and grandparents in the community - make sure you're a part of the conversation!

Kwame has a movie: Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has a movie now. I wonder how many people will watch? And will they watch to learn, or watch to mock? That is the question. (Perhaps though, it's the story of his redemption. Oh gosh, now I'm convincing myself to watch it!! ... Nahhhh. Enough other things to do with my time)

Abortion Clinics in MI NOT Obeying Laws: This report will be discussed in a Senate Appropriation Committee tomorrow. I plan on attending to watch and pray. One of my dear friends is behind making this report happen. Praise God for bringing darkness into the light!! Perhaps we can talk with Abortions clinics on how they are breaking the laws of God: a) don't murder and b) DO value life!!

Word of the Day:
Compliance - Real life example - will we comply with those who want to redefine our values as Americans and our standards as followers of God? 


  1. The action or fact of complying with a wish or command.
  2. The state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards.
agreement - consent - accord - accordance - conformity

Check out The Runaway Slave! A fantastic movie (I have yet to watch it, but heard discussion and watched a clip) that is exposing the truth on how the government, and others, is hurting the black culture. What wonderful people my black brothers and sisters are - may ALL of us in America be set free by the truth.