Thursday, March 15, 2012

Amy's Items to Know from Recent News (3/15)

A few items for your consideration as this day comes to a close.

No Cell Phones for Teens? The Michigan Legislature is discussing right  now whether a teenager should be able to have a cell phone while driving. I agree with the Michigan Senate who voted today, in majority, that NO, teens should not be able to use a cell phone while driving. The legislation now goes to the State House.

This legislation is fine with me!! The older I get the more I realize how young people are when we turn them into adults. Hah! I'm not a parent and I think kids shouldn't even be able to drive until 18 or even 20. (My siblings can't hate me on this one seeing that they are already driving age!!)

State Board of Education Chair: The Superintendent of the Michigan State Board of Education will still get a paycheck for a little bit longer. Mike Flanigan was approved to continue to hold his position. I don't know him personally but the organization I work with has three friends on the board and if he is okay with them, he's okay with me!

  • Get to know more about the State Board of Education/department here. You can attend their meetings, learn about their members, and prayerfully consider their issues! Share it with those concerned about education in your midst. 
  • Encouragement: I know we feel like big government fails us. Big government educational programs fail us. Every system fails us. But try to look at this information with a fresh perspective. There really are good people in politics and I have confidence that our concerns matter to at least three of the board members. Give them a chance - and keep praying for them as they make wise decisions.

President's Face on Flag: This little "scenario" that happened in Florida is not funny. I think it's reflective of many things, all of which are not good. Perhaps I'll address it in one of my future pieces I'm working on. My frustration with the President continues to grow. And as I watch him lie to my generation, my frustration turns into fury. I know, I know, it wasn't President Obama that put his face on this flag. Fair point. But this action is reflective of an attitude in our nation right now, fostered by President Obama himself: our nation is not worthy of honoring.

Exciting News of the Day: A good friend of mine, mentioned yesterday, put together this fantastic and credible study on abortion clinics in Michigan. It was addressed in a sub-committee meeting today at the State Capitol. Wow!! God is definitely answering prayers! I'll post an update next.

Family Research Council Policy Report: You know how there are good desserts and then there are really mouth watering, spectacular delicacies? Perhaps it's the wrong metaphor for a policy resource but I think you will find this regular tool from them, released perhaps every month (continue to watch their website), has all sorts of links to all sorts of important issues. God bless the people who put their efforts to bring us these truths on today's happenings! They go above the norm!