Sunday, February 5, 2012

Honoring My Parents... Especially Today

My parents were “older” when they married. And they eventually discovered the doctor’s verdict that they would not be able to have children. I can only imagine the agony of this discovery, when one had hoped for so long to have your own to raise.

But instead of resolving themselves to the best educated guess of the doctors, they headed over to their friends where a Bible study was being held. Their friends layed hands on them and extended faith that the doctor’s prediction would not stand.

And true to His nature, God rewarded their faith, and showed them His Favor by giving them a daughter eight years after they were married. Her name means
beloved gift of God and with the natural thought that this babe would be their only child, God surprised them again with more children.

On the first few minutes of my birthday, my parents come to mind. I am so grateful for their faith, their resolve, their patience and steadfastness towards God and His ability and eagerness to delight them with the desires of their heart. I am grateful for their friends who took a step of faith with them. And I am very thankful to God for giving me life.

Never underestimate God’s willingness and ability to defeat the human experts predictions. And never underestimate the power of faith and
hope for those people and situations you are hanging onto for promises fulfilled.

As part of a generation who were being eliminated under the knife, it is evident that the devil did not desire my generation to exist. But the obedience, petition and patience of a mom and dad gave this girl life. To Him be the glory. My hope is that my parents would be continually blessed for their faithfulness to God. And I’m very glad they never gave up hoping... or else I might not exist.

Do not grow weary in waiting dear friends, no matter your desire. God is working on manifesting His promise to you. Rest in Him. You have no idea what life He is breathing around you. There is no end, but only hope and optimism in Christ.

So here’s to my parents for their love of and faith regarding me even before I was born. And here’s to God … for making an "impossibility" possible and giving me life.