Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't Look to Others

I feel like Glenn Beck as I write this entry. But the message is truth and a necessary commission for this hour of our country. On top of that I'm a huge Glenn Beck fan but regardless of who says this, it needs to be said to me, and to all of us.

We must quit relying on others to do our job.

What would happen if we all took responsibility for our own marching orders, needs and hopes?

What if each one of us got our own nails dirty and engaged our own minds to find answers and manageable solutions? Do we really need "experts" for answers or has The Expert Himself endowed us with the pathway to answers on our own? And if He has then why don't we accept the confidence He has in us - of revealing such fantastic secrets for success - and put them into action?

Do we really need conduits (pastors, teachers, priests, liaisons) to Heaven? Or can God speak to us individually? Do we think too often as a group? Do we operate in our own world with the assumption that God sees us as part of a classroom vs as His darling and favorite friend? But if we acknowledge that God sees us as individuals, with individual value, then why do we process life, as a group? We come together to hear a message. We come together to get a college degree. We come together to create a plan. We think like a group. We act like a group. We look to a group to do our job, to give us answers, to make the bad parts go away and the good parts happen. We feel out of place if we as individuals don't go agree with the group's opinion, assessment, or direction. Right?

There is a time and a place for teamwork, kindred consultation, educated instruction, accountability and partnership. I am not suggesting that groups are wrong as a whole or that God intended us to be islands with no need for giving or receiving from fellow humans!

What I am saying is that a) we are INDIVIDUALLY valuable to God b) He has ideas, revelations, solutions He wants to give to us individually and c) we have to start taking responsibility for ourselves!!!

This message is to The Millennial Generation who is somewhat familiar with living among-st generous adults who help us out - regardless of ages. But this message is also for The Baby Boomers, and members of The Greatest Generation (aka parents and grandparents): How much are you looking to others to do the job of reaching your young person? 

Why do you look to others to accomplish a task God has equipped you for? Why go to someone else for answers when God is waiting for you to ask Him questions and then listen so He can teach you? Why do we want others to handle the responsibility so we can slip away? After-all, "there is someone else" who can do the task, right? We've "paid our duty" and therefore we deserve an easy slide into home base, right? If it's someone else's fault or responsibility, even if I'm a part of the team, the results - good or bad - rest on another's shoulders, not mine. Right? Wrong.

This is part of the reason our country is GREAT. Our founders acknowledged a God Who taught them that individuals have rights and values. It's when the group becomes the norm and the default that we're in trouble. Because if we operate as a group, we rely on someone else to "hear" from God, do the civic responsibility that needs accomplishing, etc. And we all know leaving it to someone else allows the option it won't get done at all.  And when thinking as a group is the norm, we loose sight of our precious value to God.

He created us as individuals from conception. He knows the hair on each of our heads. He give us individual finger prints. He gave us individual strengths and weaknesses. He asks of us an individual confession to Him, on behalf of our individual self, for salvation, forgiveness, and surrender.

If you take an individual piece of corn and put it in a corn bin, it won't fill the bin up. But if you put thousands and thousands of individual corn kernels in a bin, you have a healthy supply of feed for your animals the coming winter.

In the same way, we cannot have a healthy country (or group) until we have healthy individuals - body, soul, mind and spirit. And until we individually surrender to and follow God and operate responsibly with the tasks He's given us we will not have a healthy nation.

Americans, we can do better than this!! We must understand how God sees us, and Who He is, then take responsibility for our own acts, conscious thoughts, heart intentions, and bearing of fruit if we are going to save our country.

And this individual believes it is definitely achievable.