Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tears in Barnes and Noble

I wrote this by hand and am now posting: 

Just walked out of a secular bookstore, so gripped with emotion I had to pen: Saw yet another vampire book. A vampire book with a sexy cover and alluring draw. These books are everywhere. And I want to scream at the world! And the leaders! Leaders of Religion and Pop culture! Parents! Anyone who will listen!!!
Is this the best you have? Is this the biggest vision you can cast for the younger generation? Is this the best you can do for us? Vampires, witches and warlocks. There is nothing worth fighting for here so we should imagine ourselves away to another world? 

Is all you can offer us body piercing, freedom to express our sexuality, liberty to lose our innocence? Where's the Church showing us a God who has a gripping imagination? 

Can't you show us the miracle working, blood shedding, life to death than life again, mountain shaking, Almighty God?

Fight for us! Fight for our value, as seen in the eyes of God. Fight for our minds - and our souls. Please seek God and come up with something better than this dark and twisted form of entertainment. Vampires. Witches. Warlocks and blood. 

Unless you get a hold of the marketplace, my generation and those to follow are going to wilfully hand the reigns of this world, country to the Destroyer of Rome, thinking they are doing the greatest good for mankind. 

Oh God help us. God help you - before it is too late. As Creations of God we are much better than this. We can do more than leave our children to the words of darkness. God help us all.