Saturday, September 3, 2011

Every Thought Recycled?

Strolling through the aisles of one of my favorite stores, a notebook's front cover caught my attention. While I don't remember tEh exact verbatim it said "Recycled Ideas." What?! I turned my head and looked again to confirm this clear yet astounding statement: Recycled Ideas. 

Is this statement indicative of our young adult generation? Is that how we see ourselves? Do we perceive ourselves as cycling in the mud? Can't we come up with solutions? Do we have no new ideas? Are we only capable of repeating the ideas of those who have gone before us?

The theme of the creator is clear. They are marching to the tune of the cultural agenda of going green,saving the earth, using cloth instead of that for which can be disposed and more.

The thought of environmental safety and care is not the subject of this post. But the idea that this young adult generation is succumbing itself to the belief that everything is recyclable is a lie and a joke. I'd suggest it's almost on the page of blasphemy.

For years I've seen the world through certain lenses. But must I continue to live my life as though it's limited by my own ability, imagination and understanding of God? Is He not bigger than my limited mind? And if He's able to brilliantly and profoundly create everything, everyone, so much of this world that it would take us a dozen eternities to discover it all, can He not give our generation new ideas? 

If all thoughts are recycled... that means our future is pithy and sad. If all the world wants to teach the young generation is that "life is recycled", than forget the world. Their perspective shouldn't count anyways. Only God's agenda matters. If He's the one to create the environment, education, marriage, government, business and life itself, He can definitely handle fresh and new ideas that no one else has considered, that are the answers and revelations to heal our country.

He's brilliant. And the God in us makes us brilliant too. Okay, Generation!! There are no more recycled ideas for us!! Only good ones in the hours, days and years ahead.

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