Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Listen to our Music!

Music is an expression of the heart. If you want to know more about the Millennial Generation, listen to the music playing in the mall, in the restuarants, on your grandchilds radio.

If you shudder - you should. We should too. Only it's become our normalacy and reality. So change your perspective. Instead of plugging your ears, listen for a moment. Only a moment or two will give you insight into the heart of this generation. Good or bad. If it's what we're listening to, there's a reason. Either we're listening to it because it's cool according to our peers or it's possible that the tune, talent and beat draws us but it's also possible we identify with the message.

Please note the following. There is a difference between succombing to our level to set up residency in our way of thinking so we have a friend in you -  versus visiting our world for a moment so you understand our culture so you know better how to reach us. But after you visit by listening to the popular pop sounds, please return to your strong standards. We need your strong moral principles as pillars of examples of who we can become. Don't stay in our slum just so you can become our friend. Go back and with your new experiential knowledge, beckon us to you.

Let the music of this generation be a tool of research for you. The faster you understand our mindset the faster you can reach us with the truth.

Suggestion for Action: While you're driving, scan through the radio stations and occasionally stop for a few moments, turn up the music and listen to the words. Do this periodically on an irregular basis. This brief exercise will give you perspective that might change your outlook on who we are and what we need. And in those speechless moments, remember to pray. God is doing good things in our midst. And He's excited to use you in it...