Monday, June 13, 2011

A Scandal is A-Okay (read it to get my meaning)

What if we lived in a world that right and wrong didn't matter? What if we lived in a world that when we caught wind of a leader morally degenerating themselves, breaking covenant of their marriage, and decimating their families and ... it meant nothing. 

A scandal is the result of an inappropriate action. The scandal isn't the wrong doing; it's the activity that happened that has created a scandal. A scandal exists  because the wrong action was mirrored against an ideal. And the two - almost like oil and water, or lies and truth - don't mix. When one confronts the other there is friction, and the truth spills out. The tipping point happens and then results in the awkward and uncomfortable recognition and confrontation of the wrong doing and those who participated in the scandal meet real life experience that there are consequences. 

The scandals themselves are mortifying. Honestly, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Congressman Weiner? Senator Edwards? Did you have to go give into your flesh, forget about your families and your character and the life of the one you cheated with? 

It irks me when certain leadership say "everyone has sex these days, so we might as well teach the kids how to have it safe" or "what's the big deal, everyone cheats on their wife?" or  "I don't love him anymore so it's okay if I walk away from this marriage" or "I don't have the feelings for her to stay committed to this marriage" any other such ludicrous statement. These say to me that we (as humans, and sexual beings) can act no better than animals, those of which who do not control themselves. I beg to differ from the culture's statements on relationships and humans as sexual beings. Feelings do not hold power over facts, truth or laws. We can control ourselves, if nothing else putting ourselves in safe environments and inviting others to hold us accountable combined with the magnificent help of God - yes, it can be done. 

We must remember, whether we try to change the rules, attempt to re-create the truth, or deny the wisdom of others, God's Supreme truths, rules and wisdom is written on our heart. When we do something that violates that, our conscious kicks into gear. We try to hide it, ignore it, squelch it and sometimes you can make it subliminally disappear but only after you go through a lot of agony, misery and self induced trauma, the lies are never sufficient to your conscious and God's guidelines for His best for us: the truth remains. 

The conscience of God is pricking us otherwise we would not be bothered with these activities of compromising leaders. There is redemption, forgiveness and restoration. But it does not start because someone demands it, creates it, the right tag lines are used (i.e. I'm going to therapy - but nothing changes) or enough people ignore the situation. It starts with acknowledging your wrong doing, asking forgiveness of those you have wronged and repenting, turning all the way around and walking in a different direction. 

I hate it that these moral situations have happened. I'm hopeful though that God will heal these families, bring more darkness into the light and show America that morals really do matter. 

And if I hear one more person say "politics is evil" based on this newest activity surmounting, I might stamp the word fool on their forehead. But that's a whole 'nother blog post for another time.