Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't You Dare Lose Sight of the People!

Politics is a public conversation on issues and ideas; a conversation happens between people. Therefore, people are the building blocks of politics!

But how often do we forget that the person at the end of our judging finger is made precious in the sight of God, has family and friends that love them, has value to bring to society and a Divine purpose to fulfill in their life. Those we automatically 'disdain' in politics, because of their actions, positions, affiliations or just stubborn personality,  should always be regarded with respect,dignity and value.

I am convinced there are  many people in the political world who have been in politics way too long. When the field becomes only about the number of seats our party has or number of votes we can get for a bill, or number of people that will generate get out the vote phone calls or number of people that show up to a function, it's time for that person - or politicial 'expert' - to step aside. I think a coach would call it sidelined. A reprieve is not the same as a resignation or retirement or retreat.  A removal from the field is to give one's self a break for their own benefit, to get the big picture again on what matters and re-evaluate whether they are still in tune with God and His purpose for their lives.

When we forget why we are in this arena, or who we are serving we are in dangerous waters.

When we dismiss the value of the woman who sells us our morning coffee, forget to honor the service of the taxi driver with our genuine thanks, take for granted the staff who empty our trash or who take our phone call for the lunch order, or perhaps dismiss the grandma who came to see you at a townhall meeting, the parents who lost their son towards defending our country but who are thrilled to help you in a parade, the small business that sacrificed their business hours to host a private reception, or the mail lady at the post office who takes our 5,000 piece mailings with a joy to serve; when we forget the woman who is the arch-enemy of every cause we're trying to push in the legislature has a marriage that is struggling, or a legislator who just presented the most economically rash and polarizing plan in state's history is a dad awaiting the arrival of twins, when humans are no longer people valued in the sight of God to us it's time to go.

If we overlook all of the people and their value, in the governmental process and political arena, we have succumbed to the devils intent of destroying and we have succumbed to our weak human nature. And submitting to our flesh is always a disappointment to God.

Politics is all about people. Christ is all about people. But when our politics no longer honors the God given lives of those around us, it's time for us to get out of politics.

How about you? Have you lost sight of what matters?