Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just Accept the Facts?

I was listening to a talk show last week and one of the people being interviewed on a subject I don't remember said something like "We just need to accept the facts..." It caught my attention as I listened to her debate some controversial issue in the political world.

We just need to accept the facts... Of course she didn't think of this, but the statement caused me to acknowledge it had the feel of compromise, giving up the front line, submitting ourselves to whatever was the lesser of the ideal idea. "We just need to ACCEPT the facts ..."

How many issues do you and I know that we see the Christian world compromise on? Even Christians, those who are to be set apart, separate adn different from the world say: "Everyone is doing it! Amy, it's a different era! It's a different culture! What was a big deal in the past isn't a big deal now!"

Hah and we wonder why our world isn't improving.

Her statement jerked my chain, causing me to respond with meditation. And on one hand I'm grateful she said it because it brings me back to the dominating message on my heart right now. The thought is this: someone tells me its' not going to work, something isn't going to improve, that a compromise to a moral issue was necessary makes me grit my teeth and say "WHY! NO! Man's answer is NOT the truth! We do NOT have to compromise! We do NOT have to believe man's report. We do NOT have to adjust our positions, because we have this idea that 'everyone' is doing it (i.e. did you know only about 2-3% of our American culture is into the whole homosexuality 'thing'? Yeah, that's hardly the majority of "everyone". Those who have chosen that lifestyle have done a great job convincing 'us' though, haven't they.)

A dear friend was sharing a dominating conflict she finds among Christians, in a different culture other than America: the lack of critical thinking. Young girls go along with certain traditions because "they believe the old wives tails and it's a proven necessity!" But if they only knew, it's a ritual that does not have beneficial or fruitful results. It's simply a false 'truth'. Is that what we're doing in the Church, among us as Christians? Are we going along without allowing our chain to be jerked? Without thinking "is this right" or "is this wrong" or "should I stand firm..."

WHY are we compromising? Why are we resolving that it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth believing God for a little bit longer? As Christians, we have Christ - the One who rose from the DEAD, who entered HELL to take away the power from the enemy, who fellowships with teh Father on the one and only Throne - IN US and eager to work, stand and live THROUGH us.

No I do NOT have to "accept the facts!" Abortion may be the seeming norm but it does not mean that is the ideal, or that women really want it! Giving in to sexual momentary pleasure might seem right in the moment but what about the consequences on your children, your family, future generations? The government is never going to be fixed, there is nothing we can do, the elected leadesr don't listen so I am not going to vote or pay attention to what is happening in the world? My marriage isn't working, I don't love him anymore. The majority of Americans are okay with homosexuality and same sex "marriage" is inevitable.

What??? Why?! Since when did God say: forget the ideal, just settle in among the culture, ignore my commands, ignore being salt and light that CHANGES (IMPROVES) the culture? Improves your family? Improves the medical system? Improves city council and the state school board and your Congressman.

We as Americans, but mostly as Christians, are bigger than the mediocre "accept the facts" culture. Our question should always be "Whose facts are you asking us to accept?" Because if they are God's facts and commands, they are not dead and dry, they are still worthy of obtaining and following, and there will be good results!! They are still alive and if He's still commanding us to follow them, a) it's for our best and b) it means HE KNOWS THERE WILL BE RESULTS.

Sorry o'wise radio commentator, I'm not just going to "accept the facts".