Friday, February 11, 2011

Which Way Will You Take?

Why is it easier to promise than to act?

We say we give up when we hold on. We say we love when we really hate. We say we’ll follow when we only want our way.  We say we surrender when we exalt only ourselves.

To speak our promises and live them out is two different things. To confess and yet to bow down has two different price tags. To only confess "I will follow" and to actually put your hopes, dreams, emotions, will and desire on the altar – look two different ways.

The price is high, the road is hard, the impossible task is possible. But, will you surrender? Will you truly take your will and submit it before the Almighty God? Not for how it looks to you, but for what He’s called you toward?

If we say He’s Lord – but don’t allow Him the complete control – He is just second in command. 

Is it His word or yours? Is it His way or your own? Is it His Infinite wisdom above the clatter of your own desire? Is it His priorities or yours? Are you adamant that your way is best or will you release your biggest dreams, your greatest hopes, your most powerful desires to the One who created each breath you take? 

And will we trust Him that He will take our minuscule dreams – that seem necessary for life in our eyes – and replace them with attainable jewels that take our breath away and make our “old” dreams seem like filthy rags? 

Will you trust Him? No. I mean will you really trust Him? Will you throw up your hands, throw back your head, let go, release your foothold and your iron-tight grip and fall completely into the Arms of the One who knows your future better than you know your yesterday?

Will you trust Him? Will you really truly 100% surrender and trust Him – and trust that He will make your end story better than you ever imagined? Will you lose your life, your way, your desires, your plans, your dreams, your hopes, your cause, your purpose – throw your hands up and say, “God I want nothing less than your best – in whatever form, in whatever way. Your plans are higher than mine – and I surrender completely to you.”

To surrender is to give up – to surrender to the One who knows all is to make the wisest and most exciting decision we could ever imagine!

To keep our life means we’ll lose it but to lose it to the One Who really matters means we’ll gain the whole world. And in the end we will see that the momentary impossible actions of letting go of that certain thing will be the best choice we ever could have made. It might be the very thing that leads us to our destiny.