Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Deadly Sacrifice

A brave young man from my local community lost his life 8 years ago. I didn't know him but he still made a sacrifice for me and it made such an impact that I needed to say thank you. I wrote this letter to the newspaper and they were kind to print it. 

October 23, 2003

To the Family of ______,

Just in case no one has said this already, let me say it for us all – thank you.

Thank you for being a family who nurtured, cultivated, encouraged and raised a young man to defend the values, morals and virtues that all of us – and most importantly God – perceive worth more than the finest treasure. A young man who is willing to sacrifice his life so that my family may remain safe and free, so that my country is properly defended, so my children and grandchildren can be Americans enjoying their God-bestowed freedoms, is worthy of my respect.

There are not many quality young men in today’s culture who will look past their own feelings and desires to sacrifice even their life for someone else. But a man such as your brother, son, nephew and grandson who was willing to put his life on the line so that others may live and continue to enjoy freedom is worthy of all Americans’ honor.

Thank you for making your sacrifice. The family of a fallen soldier deserves a hero’s glory – because who he was as a person was represented by how he lived and died, and he only reached that point because he had a family who trained him in the way he should go.

Along with my posterity, I am indebted to you and your son for forever. His sacrifice and the lesson it brings will not be forgotten . . . It only sharpens and refocuses our perspective. May God richly bless your family at this time.

Amy Hawkins
Concord, Michigan