Friday, August 26, 2011

Give me a New Message

I started writing this at the beginning of 2011 but perhaps it's still applicable? 

Two and a half years ago, at that point in our country's history, the messages pleading for salvation for, education of, and engagement in the longevity of our country's freedoms seemed to be right on point. For months I have found myself acknowledging those same messages as, while still very much true and needed for some audiences, bland. We need something new, something fresh, something that goes deep into our spirit and pulls a new jewell forth to offer a suggestion for the next phase of this journey of transformation. 

I've found from my experience in politics that the cultural world works in sound bites. And if politicians, grassroots leaders, passionate citizens, even pastors! find a sound bite that works to garner the attention or action sought after, the soundbite stays! Of course it is slightly tweaked at times. Based on the conversation, presentation or interview the terminology or idea is included from a different angle. But the ultimate goal is to connect with the consumer and with their attention get them to follow, regardless of method of response. 

This is actually effective communication. And the communication that has been happening for the last two and a half years among conservative citizens, for example, has resonated among fellow Americans. "Less government." "Defeat Obamacare." "Protect our country!" "Live by the constitution!" "Do in Congress what we sent you there to do!" These only mention a few. This message has been intentional from the message sender and vision caster; it has hit the mark on the consumer so to spur them into action; by responding into action they are building their community as they identify others around them responding to the same battle cry; and the entity of government is starting to change. 

The charge to get involved and put a stop to socialist control has been embraced, engaged, and sustained for two years. But what next? What is the new vision we as patriots should renew our hearts and minds with? If we are going to be long lasting, history making, heritage building, citizens we need to think beyond just issues but the root cause of the dilemma we've been in. And the big picture for how we are going to plan ahead that something like this does not happen again.

In order to be effective grassroots leaders we need to always be refreshing ourselves and casting encouragement to those who look to us for direction. But as leaders, it is important that we be good stewards of the leadership positions we have been given. Dutiful grassroots commanders keep their eye a few steps ahead of the army, trying to determine what might come next and how to best direct them. 

So I ask the question: what are the conversations we should be having now that we weren't having even three years ago? What worked yesterday can never be assumed as being sufficient for today. The liberals are always thinking pro-actively, cutting edge, and offensive. What's our fresh and passionate message moving us forward?