Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear President Bush

Here's a piece I wrote almost exactly two years ago, on the night before President Obama took the seat of leadership for our nation. Please read it in context. I am simply making a parallel:

George W. Bush & Jesus
On President Bush’s last night as President
January 19, 2009

I wonder what Jesus felt right before He died on the cross.

I mean, It was already obvious – wasn’t it – that He was not liked. That he went against the grain. I’m guessing his popularity poll numbers would be 50-50 . I wonder what the nay-sayers and media experts would say? How they would analyze him? How much did they assume from the outside without knowing the details behind Jesus’ opinion. How vocal were those that quietly supported him? And why were others so vile in how they demonstrated their disagreement?

I cannot help but think of President Bush today - how opponents stood outside the white house on the eve of his departure and threw their shoes at the gate, in solidarity with the man in the middle east caught at a press conference chucking his shoe at him. In defiance. In opposition. 

And then I think back to Christ. He hung on a cross, his lungs crushing for air the people that stood at his feet laughing at him. Mocking him. Challenging him. Trying to convince him that he was a fool and knew not what he was doing or that his cause was really with dying for.
But they stood tenacious.
I do not pretend to equivocate President Bush with Jesus. I simply draw the parallel between two individuals who I greatly respect for their tenacity. And I say it with a sad heart, not only that President Bush’s service is done but that many Americans blatantly hate him. Mock him. Ridicule him. The very thing that these naysayers demand for themselves they cannot give to someone else – respect.
And so I wonder.

I feel like I’m losing a friend in President Bush. Perhaps it’s because he is the President under which I gained my political badge of honor by working for his re-election in 2004. He elicits emotions in me. He honors our country and humbles himself before our military. He’s been our trusted protector – I haven’t really had to worry about whether I would be blown to pieces by an un-forseen bomb. He has been the steady hand at the helm.
I am sad that he is not understood. Or revered. But...
I salute you, President Bush. Thanks for serving my country but – more important, thanks for protecting me and my family. I owe you my allegiance. But let it be known, I respect you most of all for your undying steadfast faithfulness to our Savior, demonstrated in your daily solitude and calm. You brought honor back to the White House. Your outward actions and intentions reflected on your character and integrity. Your tenacity is something I long for. That no matter what others were saying around you, you ignored it and set your face like flint on the mission that The Commander In Chief assigned to you.
So rest well, Mr. President. You’ve done a good job. And someday, those that are blind and lack understanding will join me in giving you a standing ovation. But to you – I know the only accolades that matter are those that come from The One who sees and knows all. And I think He would say, “Well done good and faithful servant … But the journey and task is only beginning.”
You see, in the end it’s what happens behind the scenes that matters.