Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Grandma

A Letter from a Millennial to a World War II Champion

Dear Grandma:

I don’t understand. Why does it happen? That what was right yesterday is foolish today and what was disgraceful and full of shame holds delight for all who behold it today?

Grandma, did you ever imagine that this would be the world I’d grow up in? What would your mom say if she saw what I’ll have to raise my daughter in tomorrow?

Yesterday, what was good and decent was unconsciously understood. Today it is blatantly shouted from the house tops the screaming and un-ending question “What really is good! What is right to you is not right to me! How dare you expect me to live by your standards!”

Our leaders have no shame, Grandma. Our teachers want to ignore the truth of the past. Parents won’t be inconvenienced, Grandma. No one wants to stop and acknowledge that our actions of today are having grave impact on our tomorrow.

Grandma – generations are non-existent. No one listens to the plea that there’s a better way. Why, Grandma? Why?

Yesterday … to steal a nickel candy was unpardonable. Today our leaders steal a million dollars and become movie stars.

Yesterday…inappropriate and sinful photos were shameful and to find one took a serious “treasure hunt.” Today…we’re the age of easy-access and they are right in our living rooms.

Yesterday…courtship and purity in relationships was one of the pursuits’ and adventures of young adulthood. The relationships formed were held in highest responsibility. Today Grandma – no one understands purity. They think it means simply “no sex til marriage” but even then, they aren’t willing to pay the price. Infidelity is applauded! Faithfulness is mocked! Life is disregarded! Choice is demanded!

I question Grandma if I can make any sort of difference on my generation. But then I think of the “greats” of history who made phenomenal impacts on our society and culture for good. And I am convinced to answer my own question by saying “yes”. The next step is determining how and where.

But your role as a farm wife and mother are one of the greatest goals for a woman – and needed for a healthy community and society. In this world of imbalance and imperfections and loss of traditional family standards – you have set a phenomenal example for me. Your story lived out of honesty, integrity, hard work, fidelity, acceptance, tenacity, boldness yet quiet and humility have made a mark on my life more than you’ll ever know this side of heaven.

And then I realize just because the world changes around me does not dilute the power, value, relevancy and truth of ‘old time’ values.

I grieve that my generation has made these choices to run in the opposite direction of everything your “Greatest Generation” has displayed and demonstrated for us. But with resolve and tenacity, I set my focus on a higher standard. A better way. A more effective and God honoring way. So that I, in the end, will be like you and bring glory to God for painting the world – my world – with the applications of His values.

After-all, light is contagious and addictive. And when I show the world how the old fashioned traits still work to make healthy and successful and affective individuals, families and societies – maybe, just maybe, they will realize that the path they’ve chosen really isn’t that impressive after all. And what worked for you in yester-year really is the best for tomorrow.

I hope to make you proud Grandma as you watch my future unfold. Things may change from generation to generation but may I be one – trained by you – that carries over Godly and honorable principles into the season beyond this moment.

Amy Jayne