Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Liberals, I Am Not Dumb: My Take on Their Horrid Attempt to Woo Millennials

(Cross posted via my Facebook "blog")

In light of all the healthcare related (and other) commercials that have been created to convince Millennials to "get smart" and join the Affordable Healthcare Act, here is my response: 

Dear Liberals, 

I am not dumb. Please stop regarding my generation of Millennials as such. Your messages thus far conveying this sentiment really reflects poorly on you and your own self confidence. 

If your ideas are the most beneficial, than make the case to us. But don't try to win the debate by demeaning us. Stop belittling us with your comedy show routines. Stop regarding us as though we are only hormone and not intellectual driven. 

The clarity in which you advocate for your cause is obvious -  if you intend to make us into bitter, dependent, and un-driven consumers of society. It seems you consider us brainless, will-less and only capable of following your tried and tested philosophies which have been proven through-out history to be riddled with failure. 

Before you haughtily sign us off as a non-engaged, imbecile, generation that only has desires to play video games, in our footy pajamas from our parents basement, you might consider that it is our generation that has given you.  

So before you continue this tirade of mockery and manipulation, consider: you are spending our money. Our creativity has given many of you a mode to make your own enterprises more successful. And quite frankly, all the big government you continue to expand means the more we have to pay for which ultimately means there is less in our pockets later. 

Oh and by the way, you deserve more than what liberal adulation has to offer. 


A Millennial