Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FRC: Social Conservative Review

Family Research Council sends out this periodic email called The Social Conservative Review. This is just a sampling of the resources the latest email shares. It is an incredible resource! Share with your networks and join their email today.  

The Social Conservative Review: An Insider's Guide to Pro-Family News--December 13, 2013
Legislation and Policy Proposals
Peonage for the Twenty-First Century," The Public Discourse
"Sam Rocha's Strange and Startling Philosophy of Education," First Things
"Schools Improve When Leaders Stop Rationalizing Mediocrity," Education Next
"How bad are the Common Core lessons on the Gettysburg Address?," Thomas B. Fordham Institute
"U.S. Achievement Stalls as Other Nations Make Gains," Education Week

Government Reform
"Regulation Nation: Gov't regs estimated to pound private sector with $1.8T in costs," Fox News
"3 Examples of Government Regulation Gone Horribly Awry," PolicyMic
"Why Do We Have Excess Regulation, and Can We Get Rid of It?," National Review Online

Health Care
Why Abstinence Works...Even When it Doesn't," Independent Journal
"Sex and College Students: When 'just say no' doesn't work," Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Health care reform: ACA/Obamacare
Sex, Lies, and ObamaCare," The American Thinker
"Do we want more affordable health care? Then we need to leave health care to the free market," The Center for Vision and Values
"New Obamacare Headache: Is Your Enrollment Real?," ABC News
"Obamacare Enrollments May Not Be Real," Washington Free Beacon

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