Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Planned Lies: The Killer of My Generation

Back in 1916 was born a woman who would go on to embrace the ideology of the likes of Adolf Hitler: euthanize people who are less than desirable. Breed those who contribute towards a perfect human race.

She formed an organization. It grew into an industry. The woman and her cohorts placed these "helpful" centers in strategic places to best reach those they wanted to eliminate. They lied. They wore a mask as to who they really were and created a false and appealing identity.

The woman has long since passed. But not only did her actions have damaging effects then, they went on to have rippling effects that still perpetuate across our nation now. She has played a role in over thirty million murders.

No, I'm not making up this story. The horrifying part? It still exists. In fact, this multi-billion dollar industry has a center in your own town, targeting your own community. It is called Planned Parenthood.

George Grant, a Christian author, wrote a very short expose, Killer Angel, on Mrs. Sanger. A quote from him is as follows:

"...Stalin, Mussolini, or Hitler. Their barbarism, treachery, and debauchery will make their names forever live in infamy. Amazingly, though, Sanger has somehow escaped this wretched fate. In spite of the fact that her crimes against humanity were no less heinous than theirs, her place in history has effectively been sanitized and sanctified. In spite of the fact that she openly identified herself in one way or another with the intentions of the other three – Stalin's Sobornostic Collectivism, Hitler's Eugenic Racism, and Mussolini's Agathistic Fascism – Sanger's faithful minions have managed to manufacture an independent reputation for the perpetuation of her memory." (Quote from this article)

This evil business continues, and thrives, because the truth hasn't been told. Some believe that this industry provides necessary services. To many it seems the only option to get them out of a difficult predicament.

Planned Parenthood has become so deeply embedded in our culture that as a people we no longer identify it as a danger. Use these links to educate yourself. It is not pretty. And I'm tired of its history and purpose not being known. A brief review of Margaret Sanger.

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