Monday, July 29, 2013

Millennials, Are We Narcissists???!!

Evidently Millennials have a reputation for being self-focused, more interested in "sharing" their personal opinions and life happenings on social media, and content living within the four walls of their own rules, dismissing the unchanging universal rules of God.

I think the interview is intrigue to listen to. I think it's amusing that those of the older generation - aka Baby Boomers - would deem us self focused when, if they had not been so focused, in their years of rebellion, on self, free love, and peaceful dis-engagement maybe we wouldn't have such a self-focused culture today.

Comparing Millennials with their parents from the 60's is acknowledging that the so-called "narcissists" have been raised by parents of the same nature. Maybe it's too much self focus or maybe it's just a whole lot of sinful humanity in need of redirection by God from looking in the mirror, to looking out the window at others around us.

Take a quick listen: