Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jobs for Millennials (Yes, Heritage Foundation I'm Talking about You)

If you do not receive this email, you should.

The Heritage Foundation sends out a daily email with job listings. It's fantastic! 

Here is some of the verbiage you'll receive in your email (and look at their job list). Email Sean to join the list. His info is below. Tell him I sent you :)

From the Heritage Job Bank Email:
Please find the updated Jobs List at the following link: http://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/HeritageJobBank/Jobs-List.pdf

Should you obtain a position found in the Jobs List, we’d love to hear your success story! Please share by emailing sean.kibby@heritage.org. Thanks!

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!


The Heritage Foundation 214 Massachusetts Ave. NE Washington, DC 20002 (202) 546-4400
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