Thursday, June 6, 2013

Op Ed: Compete to Lose or Conquer to Lead

I want to follow the person who is not just keeping up with the mediocrity of the competition but who moves beyond that level of competition to conquer.

There is a sentiment out there that the GOP needs to improve so to compete with the Democrat Party. But that position in itself puts the Democrats in the position of strength, and the GOP in the familiar position of weakness.

If you have the opportunity to work for a company that is competitive in its field but a sheep among a flock, would you choose them over working for a cutting edge enterprise that is leading, chiseling a path that others must follow?

I’m a Millennial and I say if the Republican Party leaders would live outside the Democrat mold, my generation would be extra interested in following them.

Republican Party, forget trying to be competitive with the Democrat Party. Go back to your founding principles, state, believe and live the truths simply, in humility and with integrity. Then use your God given faculties to come up with new ways to make our ideas win. Embracing these items with sincerity and tenacious courage will be sufficient to start conquering and dominating the playing field.

Democrats utilized twitter and facebook [etc] in 2008 and were even farther technology advanced in 2012. Sadly, it has felt like Republicans have been trying to play catch up. Instead, consider: What questions are not being asked? What un-used technology tools exist that can accomplish a goal, but have yet to be polished for the political and government conversation? Or, better yet, what problems exist that we in our God given, brilliant, entrepreneur, freedom loving, purpose driven, independent spirit and ability can come up with a solution to on behalf of life and liberty?

Republicans and conservatives, don’t just “get up to speed” with President Obama, the progressive liberals and the Democrat party! Break out of the mold and come up with something new. It’s time to change the tactics with new approaches, solutions and honed skills so that the opposition says of us “Wait, we need to catch up to them!”

It’s time for freedom and truth to win.