Saturday, April 6, 2013

Two Pieces of Encouragement: A Nudge & A Kick

Somehow, someway, with Divine intent, I have come across two incredible articles that pertain to the Millennial Generation. One is a nudge of encouragement - as though a fellow runner is elbowing me to remind me I'm not alone but to keep it up.

The second article is a letter per-say from a Baby Boomer. To me and my peers. And it's one of those exhortations that stings - but feels very good. I find myself wanting to say "Finally! Someone is being direct with us!" (Do you realize how many people are not giving sound wisdom to us Millennials?)

Read on, share and tell me what you think.

The first one is published in World, titled: Countercultural warriors with the subtitle of
Some Christian millennials are very publicly standing apart from their generation to defend marriage

The second one is by a well known radio voice, Rush Limbaugh. Don't judge him and skip the truth. If you must, ignore the author and read the truth. Published on Policymic: Pandering to Millennials will Ruin the GOP