Sunday, March 31, 2013

Op Ed: Words and Liberals

Liberals pride themselves as having the superior definition of a word. And inappropriately so conservatives have allowed them to be leader of the language and force their definitions on the culture. Their position of dominance regarding prose of the 21st century language is not because they are right, but because they have not been met with a clarifying voice of opposition.

Sadly those who do not know better, due to age and ignorance, are unaware of the verbiage-transformation. Some of the basic words of freedom and goodness of our American heritage have been usurped so to instead fit the destructive progressive agenda. And silent, apathetic, hesitant conservatives are allowing them to play this dangerous game. And, yes, our society is suffering this gradual adjustment.

The words, justice, freedom, equality, tolerance and pride are a few words used for the liberal cause. Re-defining has extended to images as well: for example, as a culture we have allowed certain communities to alter the branding of the rainbow. This creation “thing” is one of the most glorious demonstrations in nature, a specific message from God to remind us of His faithfulness. Yet due to conservatives’ silence, certain communities have skirted opposition in adopting it as their emblem. Their victory is not because there are many of them but because the message is repeated loudly and repetitively both visually and verbally. With no other present and visible alternatives to the meaning, the naive popular culture has gladly embraced this re-branding.

Words are a vital thing of our society. They hold power, persuasion, understanding and literal “feet” to a sentiment or philosophy. Creators of words establish the original intent and definition. When the actual definition of a word is faded, erased or eroded it is not because the definition no longer matters but because it is no longer used.

Conservatives, take heed. The American language is being black-mailed. The war for words is not over but, we need to quit acting like it is. Go back to the original Webster’s Dictionary, the original Greek and Hebrew roots, writings from words craftsmen from the Roman era and you tell me what the intent of those words are. We do not have to try and convince the world of the right meaning of the word, we just need to use it correctly, respectfully, boldly and in a way that honors its true meaning.

My point? Conservatives speak up. If you don’t clear your throat and clarify things, many of the ideas, philosophies and promises attached with the original intent will slip away for forever. Do not let the usurpers and their impostering agenda win.

Future generations will thank you.

- ajh

“To see evil and call it good, mocks God. Worse, it makes goodness meaningless. A word without meaning is an abomination, for when the word passes beyond understanding the very thing the word stands for passes out of the world and cannot be recalled.” 
Stephen R. Lawhead, Author

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.”