Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Op Ed: It's Time to Tell Us No

We have forgotten about the transition of aging; the ending of childhood; and the potential of the hard work of youth.

As a Millennial, my charge is this: It is okay to say no. With good intention of our elders, we have been enabled, babied and spoiled. We do not need more stuff, more freedom or more allowance as a young person. The younger generation needs to learn that money does not grow on trees, the government is not nor should it be the “parent” of freedom, and liberty does not come without a price.

The aspects that have made America great still reside in each one of us. The God given inalienable rights to improve ourselves, to provide for our posterity, to be prudent with our dollar, and to experience the hard work of our hands, are available to the next generation. But unless we have a need to experience it, we will give in to our base humanity that is lazy, irresponsible and self-indulging. In other words, if you provide it, we’ll calibrate our lives so that your provision is sufficient and our labor is not necessary.

You can tell your teenager to turn off the video games and get a job; no, your son and his girlfriend cannot live in your basement; no, you will not sign a car loan for an unemployed daughter; no, you will not get your child a smart phone; no, you do not still need to do your post college child’s laundry. It is time you forced us and allowed us to transition.

Set yourself free as a generous and benevolent adult. With loving observation let the younger people fend for themselves. The taste of desperation and failure pushes one on to a pursuit for prosperity and success. With you by their side, at a healthy distance, the young people will succeed. They cannot fail. This nation is great. It has given us the system, tools and freedoms to succeed. It’s time we started to experience it. 

- ajh

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