Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Op Ed: Millennials & the Conservative Narrative

Consider this an open letter to Republican and Conservative leaders alike.

Why are you surprised the Millennial Generation is not responding to you?

Why are you surprised that they are not concerned about our nation and its eroding brand of freedom? Have you ever wondered what our perception is of the conservative movement? Or have you wondered whether we truly understand the narrative? Have you considered that we are foreign students in a nation you know so well and love? You are frustrated that we will not come to your rallies, your monthly meetings, your pizza parties, or your door walking days. But my question to you is what are you asking us to come to?

With that question, I do not mean what room, what building, or what town. But I mean ideology. What is your narrative? What is a Republican? What is conservative? What is your cause, your goal, the reason for your engagement?

The Millennial Generation (early 20’s to early 30’s) and now younger, need you and need your message. But until you define that for which you want us to engage, in lingo we understand, make it appealing to our senses and emotions and use things we care about to make the case that your path is better than the one we follow – do not expect us to come.

If you were in our shoes, would you want to follow? I didn’t think so. So, don’t expect the same of us. Ask yourself “What is the thing that I’m calling them to? How does my cause stand for more worthy purposes than the opposition? How do I explain the principles and their impact on things the Millennials care about?”

If you do not figure out how to do it quick, who knows what will happen in our nation’s future. Please stop looking to us to get engaged or blaming tomorrow’s potential demise on our dismissal of what’s important. Instead, please start by telling us your story, listening to us at times without saying a word, and
sharing the vision for what we can become as individuals, a generation and a nation.

Until you start doing the necessary things, we’re not coming. Quit looking to us. We’re looking to you.
- ajh

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