Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I was Viewer #2: Report on Millennial Meetup in DC

I just "randomly" came across this story on youtube (see below) and shockingly only one other person had viewed it upon my discovery.

Bloomberg had a report today of Millennials who are coming to the table in Washington DC to talk about the economy. Congressman Aaron Schock helped lead the discussion. It wasn't a lively discussion but a discussion is better than nothing.

Props to the Republican Party for attempting to reach out to young adults! This is also a very good thing!

And hats off to the younger people for attempting to build a movement. And thank God for young leaders like the Congressman who are an easy advocate.

Look into the eyes of your 2 year old child, your 13 year old cousin or ponder the unborn niece and consider: as Millennials, our inactivity only creates an even bigger monster to pass on to the next generations to follow.