Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Drawing on Videos: Attention Grabbing? Yes.

And yet, here is one more amazing tool for communicating a message.

Do an experiment: ask your young person to spend 4 min and 5 seconds watching this short video. After it's done ask them two questions: 1 - do you like that form of communication? and 2 - Did you learn anything?

Don't fret about what lesson they learned from it, at the moment. If you can find reassurance that this holds their attention, and it teaches them something that's a start. The next step is to find videos such as these that convey messages you want conveyed to your young people. But for now - well, you tell me what you think of this genius educational tool.

By the way: this resource works for me. So if you ever want to teach me something - you can use this format. Just sayin'.